April 24, 2010

"Etu lang (Nuay Mas Otro)" by Mirage

Mirage is a Local Band from Zamboanga City, with their Hit Singles "Etu Lang (Nuay Mas Otro) , Puede Ya and Sabor De Alegria, (The Zamboanga Song). The band is composed of JayR Natividad (Vocals), Allan MaraMara (Keyboards), Edgar Nermal (Drums), Marlon Maravilla (Bass), Poloy Tarroza (Rhythm, Composer) and Pox Amoncio (Electric Guitars).

Awarded best band of the Year 2009 on the Top of the Year Awards. Most Requested Chavacano song of the Year. Etu lang Nuay Mas Otro remains to be a classic. You can download for FREE IPOD/ MP3 click here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DXSG5TYH. For Bookings local or national or sponsorships txt us @ +639177331680 or elong_jr@yahoo.com facebook Friendster YM for inquiries, gigs.

April 14, 2010

"Porque" by Maldita

Porque ("Why" in english) was the first single released by Zamboanga City's local band, Maldita with Demz and Francel on vocals, and Whey on acoustic guitar (rhythms). Other members are as follows: RB (lead guitarist), James (bass guitarist), Mad (Drums) and Jesser (Keyboardist). Video Courtesy of Mad Media Works.

April 13, 2010

Experienced the historic Zamboanga City's Fort Pilar

Ciudad de Zamboanga's Fort Pilar was founded in 1635 as a garrison during the Spanish period, Fort Pilar serves as a present day open-air shrine.

The City brings its best foot forward during the popular Fiesta Pilar, celebrated in honor of the city's patron saint, La Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Zaragoza. A statue honoring the saint is prominently embossed above the façade on the eastern wall of the meter-thick walled fort called El Real Fuerza de Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragoza, which was then an entrance of the fort. Also called El Real Fuerza de San José in its early days.

Fort Pilar also houses a National Museum branch inside the fort. Experienced the historical structure and do check more great shots from Eldon B. Tenorio, click here!

Zamboanga City's La Vista del Mar Beach Resort

It is now a favorite of city dwellers, offering them the many amenities they are wanting and the close proximity to downtown. The well manicured and lushly appointed garden grounds of this private beach resort provides a nice tropical welcome to the paying visitor.  

The beautiful view of the Basilan Straight water and Santa Cruz Islands in the distance, along with the cooling shade the giant acacia trees casts, are some of the special treats that keep paying visitors coming back for more. The beach itself is lacking in its content and visual appeal, but nevertheless remains popular with city residents and continues to attract throngs of people into its warm shallow waters.

The resort owners need to do a better job at cleaning the beach sand daily, along with the water that sometimes get covered with garbage in some areas from leftovers by picnickers.

More photos of Zamboanga City's La Vista del Mar Beach Resort can be experienced, click here!

Colorful Vintas at the Regatta de Zamboanga

Regatta de Zamboanga in Cawa-Cawa, Zamboanga City is one of the city's main attraction. The vinta, which is locally known as lepa-lepa or sakayan, is a traditional boat found in the Philippine island of Mindanao. These boats are made by Bajau and Moros lining in the Sulu Archipelago. It has a sail with assorted vertical colors that represents the colorful culture and history of the Muslim community. These boats are used for inter-island transport of people and goods. Zamboanga City is known for these vessels.

For more pictures regarding the colorful vintas at the Regatta de Zamboanga, click here!